Gary Kahn

November 8, 2017

Last modified: November 8, 2017 - 5:05 am

Earley and Associates recommends HCRS for Health Information Management assignments, particularly those that require problem-solving, imagination and accuracy in execution beyond the ordinary. We engaged HCRS to assign ICD-10 codes and key words to patient education brochures created by a major Midwestern medical center. This task required ICD-10 coding expertise, broad and deep clinical knowledge, and the ability to create search terms most likely to bring the correct brochure up when the patient searched the Portal. In addition, it required HCRS to participate actively in creating a methodology that would meet the end user’s requirements within a limited budget.

HCRS exceeded expectations in each of these areas, It met the end user’s exacting quality standards, partnered proactively with us and the end user in coming up with cost-effective approaches to both coding and keywording, and completed the work well ahead of schedule. The end user was delighted, and described the work product as ‘amazing’.

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